Irving Berlin

That's My Idea Of Paradise

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[1st verse:]
It doesn't take a lot to make me happy
I'm easily satisfied
I never cared for grand affairs
Where ev'rybody puts on airs
I wouldn't pay a lot to own a mansion
It wouldn't be worth the price
Come and hear of my idea of Paradise

A little moonlight upon a June night
A little bench beneath a tree
One little squeeze of the hand
A squeeze in return, meaning, I understand
A sigh of "Oh sir, come over closer"
A little kissing, oh, so nice
And then a goodbye, dear
That's my idea of Paradise

[2nd verse:]
I never doubted anyone who told me
That Heaven is up above
Still, I would wager all I'm worth
That there's a Heaven here on earth
The gates of Paradise are ever open
Just listen to my advice
Any lover can discover Paradise

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