The 2 Miss Leavens

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Here we see the two Miss Leavens
Each girl was 16 years old
Kylie died in a car crash in Iowa
Harriet in an 1815 portrait from Connecticut
Harriet's necklace and purse are lined in scarlet reds
Kylie's Myspace states that she was a good friend
Stylized clouds float behind their heads
Suggesting the halos that awaited them

The two Miss Leavens
No doubt in heaven
I paint the portraits on ivory
Two perfect likenesses
Teenage your highness'
Soft-focused by death, by history

I am the Limner
I make portraits in miniature
These two girls were separated by two hundred years
But still they are sisters

When this you see, remember me
Bury in your mind
What others say when I'm awake
Speak of me as you find

Resigned to dust
Don't pity us
We're forever pretty and mysterious

Autor(es): Melora Creager

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