The Almighty

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You'd rather see my open face
Than tease me when I'm down
So that I long for your embrace
Than stay here all alone
Don't you know I am never proud
When I feel you by my side
I'm trusting you cause you're mine

My guide
You're like a legend
Between God and you
nothing will end
Yeah my guide
The one I should pray
and give my faith and soul

I need to ease my doubts
Then you'll show
The perfect road and take
my head out of the crowd

I'm lost when I hear them say
Lost, night and day
I fear the voice of the Almighty
I'm lost when I hear them pray
Lost, night and day
I feel the rage of the Almighty

By the way everything's made
God can get the tears off the way
Legends are made of angry tales

Autor(es): Didier Chesneau / Sylvie Grare