Martin Sexton

The American

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I will always love you
Uncertainty I love you
Spacious skies I love you
I'll find new ways to love you

All these miles of ghostly west
The Hopis lost to Spain
Now belong to me
I'm the American

I could be a cowboy
Or just a hired hand
Twisters come in April
And rearrange the land

Pick me up and throw me west
A thousand miles from home
Dreaming up my fix
I'm the American

Abilene, old New Mexico
High and dry
Flagstaff Arizone
Cool water

Sipping silver stream
This is my
American dream
I know a squaw in Winslow

Who swears by candlelight
She said she'd leave the back door
Open tonight
Three weeks pay will keep me off

The wrong side of the law
Dreaming up my fix
Getting somewhere quick
I'm the American

And I'll always love you

Autor(es): Martin Sexton / Ned Claflin

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