Airged L'amh

The Arrival

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Through a great celebration on the crest of the hill, though my coming's a vision revealed
Facing warriors riding with power across, Aonvarr oh my great white horse

Though a man of science and talents I fear , it will take more than knowledge and spears

Dishonor has lasted long enough…

By the Gods I feel a great desire to kill these savages
By the Gods I will kill them myself no one now will be spared

Deep into the palace seeing all within the crystal ball, he's your own grandson
And his coming today has been long foretold
Druids and sorcerers of the Fommor gathered all around summoning battalions
Made an army of power invincible
Hoisting their sails went away across the distant shore, there was only one man who
Could stand up against the Fommorians

Autor(es): Airged L'amh