The Based God Is Perfect

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They call me lil b man
I made history I'm still making history, walking history
Yeah just take a look at me real fast, you feel me?
Take a look at lil b take a look at somebody the knows the basedgod I know the basedgod personally, you feel me?
Let's go

Most niggas hate cause they used to getting paper
Told the niggas I ain't leaving here to stay girl
Believe it I dreamed it in night for your comfort
Company when I need something I can hug on
Believe I love you and nobody knows that
All my hundreds is somewhere in stockton
Believe me baby we more than a option

I ain't gotta hustle hard just to see when you clockin'
Because you love me I can tell how we divided
Because the light shining we make a fire
I ain't made faces slapped a face on them dollars
Presidents man they couldn't be copied
A lot of people try to cheat when you focused without it
A lot of niggas scared of money try to get dough about it
I'm tryna get it a couple rings and some houses
Paying rent when it's due, buying grapes by the ounces

I want you to be my girl
I want you to pay me baby, you know what I'm saying?
Let's get money ho, let's get money ho
I want you to pay me baby, I want you to pay me
Let's get money ho, let's get money ho

How you gonna hate me when she really want to date me
She know I won't date her so she hate me
Money got me feeling like a safety
Made rules on the field still safety
Still counting money for the days I was aching
Get my money I donate it to the world, people just take it
I don't deserve it, disconnected from all the pain
Wanna fly away with my bitch jump into a pull full of diamonds
Niggas don't understand it

I don't understand the world you should post a review
Lucky if you get out them... Debts too
Girls paying off my bills cause I'm tired
Niggas keep it focused roam the streets in a wire
Tryna piece up my paradise bitches sucking dick
I'm getting money lil b know that for sure
Still baggin' up a ho
I'm baggin' up all that dough
It's lil b
I need you baby, I need the money, I need bitches

I'm flexing on these niggas everyday man. Anybody want it let's go man. Basedworld paradise nigga I got niggas in the front line lil b on the front line basedgod right behind me. Niggas can't fuck with that lil b killing off everything and if anything ever happens to my young gunner I got basedgod right behind me niggas can't fuck with him he perfect. We rocking till the motherfucker, fuck it

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