The big payback

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ose, time is running out, no where to run, look into the barrel of the mother fucking
What did you think, that you could flee. Don't you know we run this fucking scene man. Straight edge is what you claim to be, your crooked ways, you could've fooled me. Running down a one way street, now your stuck so what's it going to be punk. What, what, it's like the son of sam, and when I'm down you'll meet my skam. No mercy. I'll tale you to my grave, rip us off. This is how we get paid.
No where to hide, no where to go, slice you from your belly up to your throat, push your wig back, gut you like a pig, pay you back for the things you did.
Trusted you, thought you were one of us, goes to show you never know who to trust. Give respect, expect to get it back. You turn around and knife us in the back. But that's ok because your life is over, and every turn you're peeping over shoulders. Hardtimes, tattooed on your neck, you think you're bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. No mercy, I'll take you to my grave, rip us off, this is how we get paid

Autor(es): Brian Daniels