Operation Cliff Clavin

The Big Picture

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life ain't nothing but a marketing scheme
and you're just a part of the big machine
breakin' your back and a-wastin' your days
turnin' like a wheel in the factories
and you don't even notice that
you're not even fighting back
and you're not sure what you should be fighting for
cause they've got you so sedated and intoxicated
that you can hardly even think anymore

now they've got us where they want us to be
everybody thinkin' that we're so free
they made us be our worst enemies
the american dream is slavery
but you say atleast we're not as bad
as those countries with their governments that shoot there people down in the streets
but i say they're not as bad as this fucked up government we have
atleast they get a chance to know there enemies

and if you're thinkin' someday maybe things might change
then you better stop listening to what they say!
if you ever plan on understanding what i mean
you can start by turning off your tv
cause a little bit more every day
our freedoms all get stripped away
untill one day they're all gonna be gone
and we won't even notice it
because they take them away an inch by inch
and one day we'll all wonder what went wrong

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