The Butcher Of Bagdad

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Let me tell you a story, about a man who lost his job
Because the market saturation threatened his shop
So what about other countries, what meat do they lack
The west has got it all, but they don't sell pork in Iraq

The butcher of Bagdad, the butcher of Bagdad

Eight weeks had passed since the grand opening of his new shop
And despite his irresistable marketing stunts they would not buy his pork
The honest butcher was driven mad with despair, and he told himself...
He sold proper meat he knew, 'cause he's the butcher of Bagdad

Why won't you eat my meat, it's nice and clean
I'm a better butcher than you ever will see
Do my special offers not appeal to you ?
You will eat my pork sausage, I'll use force if I have to

The butcher of Bagdad, the butcher of Bagdad

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