Frozen Mist

The Celestial Garden

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Her divine skill catches my eye
And from everything I have seen.
Ambivalent images
render in my mind.
They raise pleasure
to her sight.
Unforgettable thoughts,
ravishing bodies.
A mirage displaced in stagnant water
And in the woods rustling leaves swirl.
Beautiful flowers spread their happiness
Chains of faith wrap solely around you.
The thorns of fate caress your hollowness
Seduction enhanced in blissful lies.

Nature sheds its beauty in your seductive eyes
Inside your pale heart in which I live
I yearn to see thru your incoherent fears,
Breathe a mist into the thin air.

And this flower that blooms I'll never forget
The lavender fields are pure green.
These thoughts lie buried too deep for tears
Your amber skies of glistening serene.

Her rivers are vast, the forests resilient
She captures the agnostic brilliance.
My dear antimony, a countess in my eyes
The celestial garden will never die.
Clouds circle, above this flowing river
A presence of beauty you shall deliver.
These wretched waves, enhance your tide
I await for you with my arms open wide.

My precious sanctuary of faded dreams
Dread the paleness to rise once more.
My lushious beauty, her lonely screams
You dread the paleness I shall adore.

Pure life breeds on green and lavender hills
I leave my sadness here for you to fulfill.
Against the walls wither cries to behold
Screaming vengeance unlocks the bitter cold.
Silent brushes drip our tenderness
Motionless patterns left in a shallow caress.
Magical mirrors destined to reverse forever
Bleak shadows empty cradles of a forbidden endeavor.

Embrace the cliffs I arrive outside again
Distant voices heard in revelant echoes.
You and I cherish each romantic tale
The beloved frozen mist I always inhale...

Distant voices heard in revelant echoes.
The beloved frozen mist I always inhale...

The rays of sunlight, the exotic beauty shines
The celestial garden, my favorite shrine.
The rays of sunlight, the exotic beauty shines
The celestial garden, my favorite shrine.

The beautiful sounds of mist flowing into your ear
In the brood of early daylight, serenity dances in fear.
Whimsical voices shatter every wicked thought
It'll leave your insecure emotions torn into distraught!

Look up to the clouds and reveal my tears
Dropping bliss into your haunted fears.
I displace the definitions of doom to glow
The wicked seasons of mist we will grow.

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