Ephraim Lewis

The Center Of The Mark

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To Love God, Love People
That's the Center of the Mark

In This Life Some Things Are Bound to Change
But One Thing Remains the Same
We All Need Love

Time Goes On, It Moves Like a Hurricane
And Through All the Wind and Rain
We All Need Love

As This World Just Keeps On Turnin' Round and Round
There Are Treasures to Be Found
If We Just Let Compassion Lead the Way

Draw Back Your Bow, Let Love Go
Shoot Straight For the Heart
With All of Your Might, Set You Sight
Take Aim From the Start
To Love God, Love People
That's the Center of the Mark

Every Day, Through What Is and Is to Come
When All Has Been Said and Done
We All Need Love

So Jesus Came, a Gift From the Heart of God
He Gave Us His Life Because
We All Need Love

And the Love That Death Could Not Keep in the Grave
Is Alive in Us Today
So We Must Live to Show the World the Way

Repeat Chorus

For the World Is the Target
And the Arrow Is the Cross
As We Set Out On This Journey
Lets Obey the Call From the Heart of God
Let Us Love At Any Cost

Draw Back You Bow Let Love Go....

Repeat Chorus

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