The Chase (F.A.K.E)

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[Hook: Mann]
I'm in love with the Life
I'm in Love with the club hype
In love with the lights
I am one with the Night, Only Move when it's late
Finding Another Kind of Everything this shit is so Fake
I'm in for the rush
I'm in it for the cake
I'm in it for the Thril
I'm in it for the Chase

Sacrifices, I know she missing me
I'll get back to her, When we're meant to be
Probably not soon, but Eventually
I'm only 20 Got to Refocus my energy
Shit got real once I entered the major league
And this my life, make a choice, take it or leave
And I suggest you leave because I don't really wanna hurt you
But being a woman of Faith you stayed patience is virtue
And what I do? Still fuck around and hurt you
My best friend, been trying to bag you since I had a curfew
But we had to break up, It doesn't feel right
It's not you Your Wonderful, I'm just not in love with you


So many vices, In this industry
I love the Allure, and the way it gets to me
But it ain't no thing, been in it since a teen
Money women fame, Every nigga dream
Hooked on the feeling of knowing a million is possible
Been on a mission since the 11th grade I dropped out of school
To pursue this life I knew I was meant to live
Rapping, Show business, I done been in it since I was a kid
Back then, did it for the love of it
Now I do it like it's a drug and I'm a fucking Junkie
It's imperative that I'm at the club that's how I get my money
Money got me and my family straight
I'm breaking it down for you niggas so you can relate
When you hear me say