Hidden In Plain View

The Chaser

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Somwhere beyond these unforgettable days
We can find it in ourselves to live our lives again
Your missplaced in time, authoring your tragedy
But your dreams and lies
Never fill the voids in my

[So the show goes on without you
Foundations fall that were once built strong around you
And it shows all around you
These foundations fall that were once built stong]

So you lost the words, you lost those words to say
You lost your voice, and you lost your mind again
So back it up, rewind, white it out and just forget
Just close your eyes and promise
To never open them again


I'm sorry, Ill be gone next summer
don't wait for me... don't wait for me
But you said, I need you more than I ever did, so please
don't go, please don't go
don't go
Cause I'm lost without you
I'm so lost without you

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