The Coathanger Method

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A bright moon shimmering brilliance
Inspiring lunacy
Casting a shadowy eclipse
Staring at the beauty that burns out these lusting eyes

I'd rather still be blindly curious
Than in this state of disillusion
Inducted with a feast
Then perpetually starved and teased

Warm smiles returned with dull daggers
Impaled by the silence of a failed situation

I am alive but barely breathing
Awaiting this life to begin
Repeatedly killing me before this life can be endeavored

[Solo: Aaron Hellam]

Nine lives abort me but I can't inveigle one
This silence kills me sweetly and softly

The valuable ones are always the underdogs
Award the prize to the shallow ones; the mundane, the heartless

A swim in pressurized chemicals unreleased from indicted isolation
Sensory pleasure replaced by neurological distraught
Virulence of cryptographic perfection; immiscible disconnection
Save self by creating an inhibition of transference

Sandbox murderer
Create a super-villain
From the underdog
A broken shell of a super-hero