Royal Crown Revue

The Contender

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The lights are spinnin
I gotta get myself up off the floor
My head is ringin
Bet they think I cant take too much more
The crowd is howlin
Like the oceans pounding roar
My legs are goin out
Someone up there dont like me

Now my right and my left will decide
cause theyre done with this bum takin dives
Now my eyes may be swollen with right hooks and tears
But I see salvation tonight
In a left and a right

Called me a kid, champ or lefty
A bowery kid to the core
Fast cars and hipster movie stars
I aint got none of that anymore
Now Im down in the seventh
In the eighth my ribs are sore
In the ninth Im staggerin
Someone up there dont like me

Its a one-way ticket
Smart moneys showin me the door
Backed on the ropes now
Someone up there dont like me anymore
When the crowd goes silent
One thing that I know for sure
Knock me down one time
Ill be comin back for more

Autor(es): Bill Ungerman / Daniel Glass / Eddie Nichols / Mick Farren

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