The Countdown

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When dark of night changes brightness of day
And I forget of the pain
I see the Spirit of Love
Fly above the ground and bright light shine around
It turns out - it's nothing but a dream,
Keep it out!

I feel every day and every night
That time of our life is limited
The road we go along leads always right
To great Nowhere, to infinity

I would like everyone in whole world
To value every day of our cursed life,
I wanna see the Pain and Hate be burnt,
I'd like everyone to bury his own knife
It turns out - it's nothing but a wish
Keep it out!

Our life is in a real mass,
We have turned our souls upside down
But the life is not a game of chess,
It is just a real countdown


REAL - As real as God
EVIL - Is our Lord
NEEDS US - Time after time