The Crescent Pillars Of Daath

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Thou art the gateway to unification of sophia
The key of aeons to knowledge divine
Thou art the fountain of the fall, bindu beyond vishuddha
Being beyond being, the radiant sun of the abyss
Crown of tiph'eret and crown of keter
The pillars of death within death I unite
To reveal the rites of the ancient spheres.

Whence hath cometh thee, entity of constellations?
Thy mysteries are drowned in the truth of helios
Spoken are the verses of your enthroned inertia
Unifier of the hexagon, reveal the face!
Elohim, tzelem elohim, my eyes I shut, to see
Thy portals are opening!
Thy abyss is upon my grasp

Silence is the envoy of your becoming
Lord of creation, lord of knowledge, lord of death
Thy name is carved on the crescent moons
As your gates to the void are opening, I reveal my face!

Into this dance of death I summon your majestic goetia
With the terror of the nine tongues and the thousand horns
I invoke the gathering to the core of creation
I recreate the fire of the open dominion...
The masks of the red death reap terror
The horns of the eternal return weep with superior verses

The womb is open and the stone is calling me to rule empires
With the blood of the mortals, the great opus to serve

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