The Desert King

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Now i'm
Gonna keep on comin'
Against all odds
No one believed
Now i'm
Hot like the summer
Rollin' baby
Gonna ride the breeze

Right thru the night
These tattered dreams
Like frozen ice
The blood of my love
Fallin' like rain
These lonely tears
They keep me alive
I'm the desert king ...

Now i'm
Stuck in the middle
Touch me baby
So i can chose
Now i'm
Drunk just a little
Show me baby
What i got to lose

Behind your eyes
Behind your smile
Behind your heart
There is a place
Nobody knows
I want to go there
I have to go there
I'm the desert king.....

My heart is rough
It don't need much
I just need your love
My heart is tough
It don't need much
I just need your love

Now i'm
Gonna stand for something
Gonna rise up baby
Howling at the sun
Now i'm
Gonna dance with nothing
Gonna take your hand
Take you on the run

Past memories
Like empty cabs
They sing for ghosts
They call out your name
The picture is blue
And no one can see
It's really me
I'm the desert king.....

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