Planet Gemini

The Devil You Seek

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In silence he stands, In the dead of the night
Unholy desire, Hellfire's been burning so bright
That it's hurting my eyes
The devil you seek, Ain't the devil you'll find
There's a cloud over heaven, And the rain has been falling all night
And it's drenched me with lies

Oh God of the Earth, Drink my holy wine
Oh ruler of heaven, Your smiling soul fills me with spite
Now step into the light
A serpent of wrath, Is a stitch left in time
You scream to eleven, Yet seven still suits me just fine
Now wait for my sign
It's my only sign

Left for dead, It's never-ending
Time moves on, Time moves on.
Is it heaven sent, No understanding
Time moves on, Time moves on.

I don't know what controls me
I don't know what sets me free
All I know is it owns me
and the end is all that I see

Won't you please take my hand, Won't you please keep me safe
From another decent
Into all my lost glory and hate, I just think it's my fate
And so it is written, And so it shall pass
Satan is laughing. As we move from the scars of the past.
and we're moving to fast

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