Slapp Happy

The Drum

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Get in line, keep in time with the Drum
And don't forget you're nothing yet but water.
Are you coming to or coming from
The understanding that I'm handing it to you?
Or is that a job you don't dare do?
Hey, my pretty flower, there's a letter for you
(you'll find it on the shelf)
Though it was posted in Calcutta
I know it's just another that you've written to yourself.

We watched a distant drummer flashing
On the beat in all his parrot fashions.

Get in line keep in time with the Drum
Don't move your feet until the next beat comes -
One of the laws says pause between
Though I would hate to make the game seem mean
Hey my pretty flower can you guess where I've been?
Can you guess at all?
Well I've been to your rooms and learned
You have all the mirrors turned against the wall.

I've watched a different drummer flashing
On the beat in all his Parrot Fashions.

Listen now to the sound of the Drum -
And don't forget we're nothing yet but water.
It won't be pleasant when the present time is done
Testing nightly 'neath a sprightly summer moon
Your spirit like a jelly in a spoon.
Hey ma jolie fleur there's a cat in the room
And it's not the type you're used to
Though I think I led it to the sink
And tried to make it drink
It refused to.