The Edge

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As I travel far and wide
All the people that i meet
Some are very kind to me
While some look to defeat
But the ones that i am thankful for
Are the one that did me wrong
They taught me an important lesson
On how to get along
You have to work to get along in life
Causes nothing comes for free
The easy way won't work out
Wake up and try to see
There's nothing you could say
That I would want to hear
Maybe when you wisen up
Sometime late next year
And when there's darkness
And the lights are dim
I have no fear
'Cause I know we will win
Those stupid minds and stupid thoughts
Will always find what we were taught
Was never easy
All those stupid minds in easy ways
Will be stuck on a ledge
We have the edge on ignorance
And so do you
If you think this makes sense.