The End Complete V: On The Brink

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The worlds have now learned of the worst yet to come.
A brink of an end, a boy learns to run.
How you love, could you, Mr. Man-of-the-Year?
Walking tall with nothing to fear.

Don't pass up this chance, oh, go tear down the walls.
No Gods will be watching, no cares enough at all.

These worlds, they now are ending, as they were at the start.
But I'll keep on pretending.
I won't go...

Don't cry no more, boy.
You've got the other side of your life.
So ignore, and move out the broken door,
and take out your trash,
but I no longer hold in here,
I'm not coming back.

The road must now...
My story, so long amory.
Please drive me home one last time.

Hail! [x57]

Autor(es): Coheed and Cambria

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