The Essence Of Hatred

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i've been criticized, [pushed around] and kept down
pointed at by the frivolous fingers of lesser men
the only power within you is the element that brings you to lie to yourself

when i look [deep] into your eyes, i see a face of fear
you act as though you are in a position to control me
you are made of plastic wrap and i can see right through you

you stare up at me from below feeling ten feet tall
a lesser man trying to govern me, [but you are no mans' god]

stand so tall
[i'll] watch you fall
i will destroy
your false sense of sacrosanctity

you try to earn respect through intimidation
[you try to] stand up so tall and so fucking proud
i feel you breaking under the forces that stand up to you

you shall feel my wrath and my fucking hatred
lashing directly out at you
you start this game and i'll finish it by shedding your blood

you pretend to stand so strong but you show a face of fear
thus rendering you powerless... i am your god

think you've got me fooled
i see you're full of shit
your mask is transparent
it is you who is the fucking fool

i am your god

Autor(es): Abhorrance