Ashes You Leave

The Ever-Changing

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Bequeath the gift from the weeping skies
The sheer sight of it will burn your eyes
The raw primal power from the celestial portal
That will tear at souls of each and every mortal
Tender hearts will tremble, feeble minds will break
In a new eon’s rise, this is χáoς awake

.... seeing is not believing

What we are seeing can be deceiving
Just like fire χáoς is ever-changing start believing
...start living

And than you will see the future through my eyes
The world will become all that you despise
Creatures from the shadow of your mind will roam the earth
We’ll witness the downfall of your eden and a modern hell’s birth

But i’ll take pleasure in seeing you in that sad little world
Seeing you on your own
Squirming like a maggot in a wound
I’ll love to see you when you are all alone

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