Tangerine Dream

The Feathered Tiger

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Long time ago i had a dream all about a magic zoo
And the animals that lived there were in love like me and you
In the dream i wandered slowly in-between each magic cage
And the animals looked happy as they played their silly games
As the dream unwrapped around me, i could see their colours clear
As the minutes split to seconds, i found you were standing near

So we wandered through the happy of the little magic zoo
And the animals were quiet as they stared at me and you
As the sun rose we bought ice cream but we couldn't eat it all
So we gave it to the animals to keep them very cool
Their happy laughter filled our ears and it made us happy too
The animals were beautiful in their yellows, reds and blues

But in shadows of their victory, we did find a silent cage
And the animal that lived there didn't seem to want to play
We looked between the rusty bars through the darkness of the cage
And suddenly we saw the sad as the feathered tiger lay
We found a key, unlocked the bars of the feathered tiger's cell
And with words of kindness begged him his story to us would tell

But he was so very scared, he said we would laugh at him
So we led him to the sunshine and played games but let him win
We all played amongst the colours in the little magic zoo
And soon he was much happier and we both loved him too
But the evening drew in swiftly and the feathered tiger cried
He was sad because we had to leave and the sun slipped from the sky

But we told him to act bravely and to never feel unclean
He was the only feathered tiger that we both had ever seen
We told him, "only be yourself, you don't really want to change
To be yourself is beautiful, to be someone else is strange"
The feathered tiger disappeared and so did my magic zoo
And as i opened up my eyes, there was nothing else but you

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