Bob Catley

The Fellowship

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We the fellowship, the voice of reason
Cross the waters, climb the highest peak
In our hearts we carry hope of freedom
Precious cargo on the road we tread to thee
So lead us on, across the raging rivers
Caves to mountain range
We're never apart
So stay till the dark is day
Less than a breath away

We the fellowship, the faithful legion
Shadow walkers on the twilight trail
Treading softly through the lifeless regions
Never faltering that goodness will prevail
We must return unto the fire that made you
Back from whence you came
Those slain in the darkness
Stain every heart this day
They never passed in vain

We the fellowship, have fought together
Held a candle to the wildest wind
Say goodbye my friend but not forever
I will answer if you ever call to me
So as we leave to make our homebound journeys
Go our separate ways
This tear we impart
Is here in our hearts to stay
Till we return someday

Autor(es): Gary Hughes

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