The Final Harvest

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Human blood will flow as river on the earth
Shall be the source of death..
All of mortal lifes feed the ancient ones
And the throne of serpent will rise again and again
As glorious past...
“You human slave will learn the code of life:
Serve-serve serve,obey die and serve”!
From the hills of gathering fire burns the grounds
And all the gifts of life will drawn back in night..
Smoke of death will cover the air,and kill the mortal herd..
Skulls of men will be the crowns of undead..
And all the ground will tremble for the glorify return....!
Mortals return in their tomb of flesh and remain slaves of mortal death..
The ancient ones return to the thrones of dominion
And rull the sheeps in accordance with my great vampiric will...
The choosen breed of tiamat will harvest all the earth
And the renegades will serve and will never rise again...
What follows is the breaking of the seventh seal...

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