Domination Black

The Final Sigh

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Awakening in the dimmest hour feeling cold and numb
In the night an eerie howl is cutting through the dark
You cannot move, you cannot breath, the evil's getting near
Only waiting for your end, Your mind is filled with fear

Lying alone you would not dare to fight or hide nor flee
Something vicious in the air, your clouded eyes can't see
A creature lurking in the cove, you hear the panting breath
An evil minion with a bow and his ally Death?

No! You won't get out alive
Evilness by your side
They'll tear your shattered mind
and leave you cold and blind

You thought that were dreaming, it all seems so unreal
What is there beside you? Its cold eyes staring mean
Slowly reaching for your neck with its skinny claw
Now everything is calm, you give your final sigh and fall

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