Black Mary

The Fog In Monterey

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Some days the fog in Monterey comes
Blowing from the grove above, and then tears away
The drifting patches lift and fold
Then sunlight cuts them white and cold
In Monterey -- fog comes, oh, then
It tears away

A heart sick lover comes to stay;
She leaves the one she loves behind,
And then tears away.
She walks the hill in sudden wonder;
Is she dead or just undone?
She's lost her way -- love comes, oh, then
It tears away

Some nights this girl in Monterey
Lies dreaming in her room above, then tears away:
Her eyes are on her lover's face;
He smiles, and she can hardly wait --
Is it night or day? -- dream comes, oh, then
It tears away

But now that morning's on its way
Too soon the dreamer's drowned in fog that tears away
The clouds that cover Monterey
Crowd by as if they're here to say