The Gipsy Laddies

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Three gipsies cam tae our haa door
An wow bit thae sang bonnie-o
Thae sang sae sweet an sae complete
That thae chairmt the Earl o Fyvie's ladie-o
An it's she cam trippin doun the stair
Wi her maidens twa afore her-o
An thae tuik ane luik at her weil-faured face
An thae cast thair spells out ower her-o
Thae gied tae her the nutmeg fine
Likewise the wee bit ginger-o
An the ane o thaim stept tae her side
Stole the gowd ring aff her finger-o
An 'tis she's taen aff her silken goun
Pit oan her tartan plaidie
An she's caad her maidens tae her side
For tae bid fareweil tae thair ladie-o
Bit whan her guid lord cam hame that nicht
He wis spierin for his ladie
"Oh, the hound has rin an the hawks are flown
An the gipsies awa wi your ladie-o"
"Gae saddle tae me the bonnie black steed
The broun wis never sae speedie-o
An it's A will neither eat nor drink
Until A bring back my ladie-o"
An it's he's rade east an he's rade west
An he's rade thro Strathbogie-o
Until he spied his ain bonnie lass
She wis followin the gipsy laddies-o
"Well, last time that A crossed this burn
A had dukes and lords tae attend me-o
Bit this nicht A maun tak tae ma white feet an wade
Wi the gipsies wadin aa roun me-o"
"Thair's sieven brithers amang yese aa
An wow bit ye sang bonnie-o
Bit this verra nicht ye'll aa hing high
For stealin the Earl o Fyvie's ladie-o"
An he's sent for a hangman frae Fife
An anither frae Kirkcaldy-o
An he's lain thaim aa doun ane by ane
For stealin awa his bonnie ladie-o
"Last nicht A slept in a braw feather bed
Wi the sheets turnt doun sae bravely-o
Bit this nicht A maun lie in a cauld barren field
Wi the gipsies lyin aa roun me-o"

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