Danger Danger

The Girl Ain't Built To Sleep Alone

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And she walked in the room like a fistful of heat
A real good looker from her head down to her feet
Every head seemed to turn like the hands of the clock
Time stood still she put everybody into state of shock
Yea she know all the moves and she's got what i takes
She'll push to the limit and she ain't gonna hit the breaks
If ya got cold feet you better leave her alone
She's a woman of the wold and she's doin' it on her own
I think it's time to go

Oh no, the girl ain't built to sleep alone
Oh no, the girl ain't built to sleep alone
I'm gonna take you home with me
We'll talk about the weather 'til something better comes up
If ya know what it mean
You're gonna get a big surprise
I'm gonna look so hard in your eyes
It's gonna be alright


I'm goin' outta my head head
Did you hear what i said? hell!
I'd rather be dead
She won't be sleeping not with me in her bed

Autor(es): Bruno Ravel

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