Adam Carroll

The Girl With The Dirty Hair

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Capo 5

Scar face in the corner, he's looking for a fight
It sure looks good in galveston tonight
And i'm right in the middle of the riff raff and the rough necks are wasting time
And the girl with the dirty hair says she'll be mine
Scarface used to tell me "gone are the fishing days"
The cajuns fished the red fish all away
I got that dirty haired woman says she'll be mine till the end
Till the cajuns stop dancing and the red fish come back again

If i had some sense i'd be five years gone
Everyone i used to know they just moved on
Me and mother ocean we stare into the night
The boats are tied and there's not a soul in sight
I thought to myself i'd have done it all by now
I got stuck in galveston some how
She's twisting and she's churning, she won't leave me alone
But the girl with the dirty hair said she'd drive me home

Autor(es): Adam Carroll

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