Bo Bruce

The Hands I Hold

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There's a smoking gun
Where the sirens end
Hear the battle drums
See the tribes descend
We can stand apart, we can stand together
Can I leave your heart, take me forever

When the shrapnel falls
I hear your call
You cry for me
And I will call, I will run to be by your side
In the silence when I will guide you in
I will be your voice
They can take my soul
Be the hands I hold
I will sacrifice

And I watched you rise in the dawn of tears
And I saw you fight all the darkest fears
We can win this war if we rage together
I will guard your door, I will stay forever

There's a war outside
One in here too
When we're done fighting, we only want the truth
There's a war in here but we'll find peace
When we're done fighting, we only want belief