The Human Nature

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Never wanted you to say you're better
Never wanted you to be together with him
All the times you said it wouldn't matter
All the times we shared our common thoughts on this
Yet it all turned out this way I guess now
Think I'll let you try to save yourself from me
Happiness can be a false illusion
When your heart speaks louder than your mind

...Erase my life

I must fill my head with things to do now
Mustn't try to heal my pain with worse deeds
Love will always trick you in the end so...
Take good care of those who drift into your dreams
One day you will find that only person
Who will make you feel so happy and complete
Try not to make so much harsh mistakes dear
Try to search the inner strength in you

We are the human nature
We are evolving past our needs
We fill our heads with laughter
Into a world of fantasy

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