Marcos Ferreira

The Hummingbird And The Flower Of Garden

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Are you sad because the hummingbird left of your garden?
So why do you waste so much time
Waiting those big birds flying there in the blue sky?
They just throw shit in your hair
Nothing more nothing more

I think you didn't want
To bring inside what is so easy to hand
You want to be just one more on the long waiting list
When your time comes, it's going to happen so fast
Nothing more nothing more

For how many days did the hummingbird smell the scent of your flower?
How often was the hummingbird a special flower flying in the garden
That big birds were so small in the distance
But what you wanted was just the big blue sky
Nothing more nothing more

My dear flower of the garden
Don't feel missing what you let go
Look for those big birds that are there in the clouds of your dreams
Nothing more nothing more

May your wings be stronger than those flowers
That rise in the form of an angel
To reach the same cloud
That you want near the blue sky
Nothing more nothing more

Autor(es): Marcos A.F.Cardoso

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