Peter and The Test Tube Babies

The Jinx

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He joins the gang as we leave the pub, we're off downtown to a niteclub.
And whereas usually we'd get in, we don't tonight 'cos we're with him.

We're miles from home waiting for the last bus, but when it comes it don't stop for us
We can't afford a cab and it's quite clear, this wouldn't happen if he weren't here.

He's a jinx, jinx, everything goes wrong.
He's a jinx, jinx, when he string along.

It's Saturday night and there's parties on, but we can't get in any 'cos he's come along.
So we end up walking 'round all night, if it weren't for him we'd been alright.

If you want a partner for pool or darts, and you play with him you've lost before it starts.
If we go to a match and he comes in, you can guarantee our team won't win.

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