The Journey

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lead violin / lead flute / lead strings

There's a light in the sky,
that signs the dotted line
we have the right to fight so hard to find it
all that now we need is a miracle for our life
fighting to win another time

Fight until the end because I need it
Mankind: We need it
Show us what you think because I need it
Mankind: You need it
Take us to the right side (cause) we could never find the strength to find this light to erase the tears and to discover the secrets of mankind
Believe in what you're seeing changing
Destiny of our future in your hands you've got the secrets of our life

White Warrior meets Lady of the Light
Música: Eddy Antonini
Letra: Eddy Antonini e Fabio Dozzo

But we'll never forget!...
and time will not come!!!
But we'll never return!...
maybe time has yet come!!!

Lady of the Light: Only you can change it!
White Warrior: Only you can guide me...
I'm flying away
both: Don't let me down!
Lady of the Light: Only you can help me
White Warrior: Only you can save me...
save me tonight
both: Don't let me down!
Lady of the Light: You're the light of mine
White Warrior: But I can't remember your face

Lady of the Light: There's a star high in the sky
White Warrior: That signs the sense of trurh
Angels: There's a flag that brings our time
White Warrior: To guide me above you.
I'm a dreamer....

lead bass

Fly, against the Guardian of the Light, my brain will stop the sound of time,
I'm ready for the fight till the end of time

lead guitar

Mankind: Fight the Guardian of the Light
to stop the sound of time
we cannot die till the end of time

twin guitar
instrumental part (piano / guitar / bass)
twin guitar
flute solo / harpsichord solo

Angels: Fight alone, ride to the Heaven
Saint Peter: The gates are widely open
God: Deep sky is waiting
Angels: Falling down, my soul is floating
White Warrior: Lord take my soul tonight
Lucifer: With my evil thoughts inside

lead harp
instrumental part

Autor(es): Eddy Antonini