Saint Etienne

The Jungle

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Moving in the night of lava/ lava night
Shotting stars and darkness without hindrance
In the chaos, twisting and stretching, and swaying/wiggling your hips
Shiny in your stretchy clothing
And I fall, crashing, into the tropical air
I am that which you drink and that you devour
Where do you want it, when do you want it?

These little pharaonic (pharaoh like) breasts
Dance like plastic balls
Tracing figure-of-eights, hierogliphics
On my brain, excited/ feverish
And I suddenly hear the lions roar
The black jaguars (ie panthers) and cute gibbons
I hear cracking, the army of whips
There, nearby, in the forest

The jungle-of limitless time
The jungle-in and out
I thrust, and thrust again
I thrust, in and out
Guarded by the lights
Poisoned by the black sun

I thrust, and thrust again

It's the moment of merging/ fusion
All hormones in communication
In the mixed-up jumble
Blinded by night-vision
*glued to the ceiling, rolling by the dozen* - I am highly unsure about
This translation!
We take the eternal flame
In a circle of light, electric
In a pre-orgasmic shudder

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