Lux Occulta

The Kingdom Is Mine

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Remember? you pushed my body into the mud
You turned my head into stone
You broke my wings
Remember? you turned my limbs into snaketails
You've forgotten about my existence
Ha! you fool! you've forgotten me!

Thousands of sunds have passed
As i've been crawling in my own blood
Miriads of years i've been waiting
For the beautiful day of payback
I speak with the toungue of all deceived
Come, taste the fist of all you have hurt
The time has come, now i stand strained
Meet the advocate of the sinful ones

How dare you, deceiver, to call yourself a god?
With the tears of millions now i burn your eye
I reveal the only truth, i awake the inner might
For i am the highest angel -
The bringer of the light

Natus est dominus...

Taste my revenge!
The kingdom is mine!

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