Marcos Ferreira

The Kiss Of Last Goodbye To The Boy Love

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My name is wind and I am invisible to all eyes
But everyone can feel me in the body
When I carry with me my friends cold and hot
Last night I saw a boy sitting in a corner of the room
A boy whose name did not know but understood that pain he felt
In a gloomy room crying and thinking aloud with words
Which showed all the pain felt in the injured chest when he said
"We put the soul inside something that does not even put our feet so the door does not close"
In running tears he told me with sadness in his heart
Do not cry my friend!
I know you're sad because they call you all the time
Just to keep company with the ego and his wife, vanity
By mistake God made you a son of these, but only to keep the children of your first self and your own individuality
I'm sad because I see that you took your bags to leave this house that does not belong to you and your parents smiled happily and waved
I did not want to tell you but they plan two more children, which will be arrogance and money, as their name will be called
But I know my friend, that they came in your room with the aunt of falsehood to say goodbye like the kiss of the last goodbye to the boy love
But do not cry, my love
Never forget what I'll tell you about someone who once said to me
"No door closes, it just sits back waiting to be opened again."
Past is the subject that teaches the teacher gift to boy love
The stone paths leading to the sunny horizon
And the flowery short cuts that lead to the insurmountable wall
When to find future grandpa out there forward

Autor(es): Marcos A.F.Cardoso

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