The Last Day Of Real Existence

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Here are, when you realized
That that you have believed in according
To you light mindedness is only illusions,
Illusions or sham
And more exactly utopin of that unfeasible
And already unrealizable happiness that was in store by the fate

And that you destroyed, having believed
That you are the master
Of the world, the master of the eternal life what you can control the fate.
But you didn't believe
That it is only a dream
And that all dream
Sometimes finished

This is the last day of the real existence
Sun is shining not as always
Something playful, seducing, attracting

Is being felt in this world, in this
In describable beauty of nature
This is only the light sunlight
That is been slightly
Hidden by the cloud.

Creations driving me to unspeakable delight
Who are you?
The unknown creator, the genius, who crated
This world, this wood, this field, this rain.

But this is the rain.
Warm summer rain, my last summer rain,
My tears of a deep sorrow, tears of revelations,
Tears of bitterness.
I'll never see it again.
How could I be so mistaken,
How could I believe in unreal,
Attracting, but deceptive.
The last summer rain, so tender
So warm, like the most secret dream,
That are going through the last time.
The time has come
He time has come, time of reckoning,
Time of this unknown
That seemed so attractive
And that proved to be so deceptive.
Time of a sleep, of an eternal sleep.

Autor(es): Asguard