Leo Sayer

The Last Gig Of Johnny B. Goode

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He pleads to his managerthere just seems to be no way outhave one last cigaretteno time to put it outhe's quitting this time for goodthis is the last gig for johnny b. goode
And now the pressure's really onblack limousines close inhis hotel suite is really neatbut the flight nearly did him ina telegram said break a legbut the doctor says he's broken his head
Set up the ampsplay it loudso no one can hear the wordsgood jobthey wouldn't wanna hang aroundset up the ligthsbut keep em dimso no one will see him inthe state that he's in
Ladies and gentlemenwill you welcome for the last timea man who if he could help itwould not be here tonightthe man who has nothing left to provebye bye johnny b. goode
The agent's looking restlesshe says this house is awful badhe said we should have booked the audiencerather than booked the bandhe's quitting this time for goodbecause they won't turn up for johnny b. goode

Autor(es): Frank Farrell / Leo Sayer

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