The Last Song

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This song your song
Is the last song that i'll ever do
For you about me
Cuz your games are through
I won't think i won't breathe
I won't close my eyes to dream
I'd starve you right out of me
If i knew what else to eat
You said this would be
The last time you'd hurt me
You said this would be the last time id cry
Last time i didn't know
How was i supposed to know
This time i found it
I know how to scream

I dont owe you anything
I'm not a part of you
You can't take away everything
I'm not a part of you

I need you out of me before
I turn into you
I can't stand to look at you
Until you remember everything
I can't be
What you are
What you think
What you do
I know what it means
When i look at you
This time im looking and telling on you

Can you feel me
Coming after you
Can you feel me right
Behind you can you hear me telling on you
Can you feel me tearing at you

This time i don't feel bad
For all these things i've said
This time i want them to know what you did.

Autor(es): Carrie Brownstein / Corin Tucker / Lora MacFarlane

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