The Long Road Back South

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You come in late and I smell perfume on your breath
You said "Theres secrets that I keep well hidden and thats where they're best left"
You said "The sun is off out on the road where I belong" and your going to lose your mind of you stay around here long
But I say your paintings are all wrong
And all the colours don't match at all
It would make more sense to hang them upside down
The furniture does the talking when your mouth will not let you
You said "I'm finding it hard to concentrate on all the things I'll never do"
And you said lies are like fractions of the sky that we don't always see
They remain hidden until the smoke clears and then they engulf you and me
But I say your paintings are all wrong
No, the colours don't match at all
And it would make more sense to hanf them upside down
You said "My pictures have all come true, they all remind me of you, what could I do?"
You said "My stories have all been lies and all my words are alibies, until I find my mind I'll keep you updated
Take the notebook, will you board up your windows?
As my memory is forgotten with every bottle of opened pills
But now the room is dark and you can't stand the fight but your body turns off with every fading light
But now the world is cold and your hearts ablaze but you cover it up by putting on the paint, you know your just like me"

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