The Machinst's Hand

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If this speakers working then the microphones cut out and I'm finding it difficult to speak.
Because I've put up posters, I've painted signs, I've skecthed my name on rough designs of hotels, airports, shopping malls and schools. I've put my tick on every list thats hoping to avoid the risk of movement.
But if the shopping centers are only stocking clothes that are in black, I'll do my best to change them to white and If security guards threaten me with shards, I'll do my upper most to set them alight.
But if I manage to get myself close enough to the machine, then I'll tear down walls, extract the fans and throw myself in between.
But if I manage to stop the world from moving for minute then I'll exit.
But if it fails to stops the turning I will use the other half of me thats left.
But if I make a change that they can't explain and they're struggling to fix, then I'll throw myself under every truck thats rushing to assist.
Down every avenue will be a promise that you can't undo, stappled to the tallest roof will be a circuit board connected up to bruise all their loved ones set the timer to the time when the night draws in and all their seditives and their medatives won't stop them wearing thin.
They're melting.

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