Manchester Orchestra

The Mansion

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Oh mom, my heart is so black
You find it insane to apologize
For something like that
It won't revolve around me
Or how I feed on almost every inappropriate thing
We know the guy that drew the map
But he's a graveyard away

He never wanted to stay

I was painted red
I never read the actual words
They're kind of faded I guess
You said I called you ?no shoes?
Man we all make mistakes
I swear to god it wasn't just you

I found the guy that found the map
He's going insane
He can't remember my name
He can't remember my name

And it was just like you said
We got back to the mansion
Bowed both our heads
I saw a flash in the sky
I recall you saying there's no one there
But the devil and I

I am the man who proved the map was wrong
It's never the same

Its undeniable change
Its undeniable change
What a deniable way
What a deniable waste

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