The Mayor

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Oh, it's scrambled eggs what he says
He accuses me of treachery
Got the nine lies, got the wide eyes
Got a failing grade in chemistry

If you count back to the balcony
When all we saw was the mystery
Of a blond-haired boy brought his mother joy
With his pedigree and family tree

Oh, lay it all out on a wicker couch
That you wove in a looney bin
Cut it out, it's a second round'bout
Not the way of a gentlemen

Give it up, get a job,
Take a pill and leave me be
Oh, I'm quite tired of this lunatic
Why must we suffer 'cause the mayor's sick?

He say: "All abandon from this sinking ship"
Then he's off on another trip
He don't care about environment
He has made this a shitty place

My interest rate shrinks at a rapid pace
Compounded daily on my worried face
"If they take something precious from me,
I'm going to take something precious from them"

Oh, now he's losing his constituency
We thought, "Oh, this could never happen again"
If I take something precious from him,
He try to take something precious from me

There's a battle in his head that he cannot win
There's a man he could never be
Oh no, way to go
He's the Mayor

Autor(es): Melora Creager

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