The Message

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By the looks of things we still have time
But not that much so savor it
Cause what you want and what you need are different things
But you can't see that you've lost control of yourself
And you're going to need more outside help if you're ever going to make a change

Don't you look at me (how could you blame me?)
I believed in the person you used to be (I tried so hard to believe)
But now things have changed (I knew this would happen)
You threw it away (I wanted to help you)
I still believe (with all of my heart) there's hope for you

Did you think that I was going to leave?
After all we've been through, all the things we've seen
You've given up, but I'm not giving up on you
My love remains, there's nothing you can do

By the number of messages on your phone
It looks like you may not be missed if you left or if you did not exist
But you do exist for a reason
You're beautiful, he created you
Tonight's it's time to drop your guard and finally stop telling lies

We can work this out
It will all be fine
I tell myself this all the time