The Mirror Of Our Curse

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...Flustering in smell of nighttime forest
I care my madness neverends
At sensual burnish emotions
Missing the lunar shiled
I miss her face
Velvet hand shows me the area of announced darkness
Planets in overture
Confined innthem my impressive dreams
Spreading proudly my heart fiercer still...
...feel my thoughts if you really care
Lest I'd turn into rubbish those I hate again
Hiding my dreams upon the banned reality
Oh I love the awareness of damnation
My heart grew dark and lips
Now I stare through the mirror of our curse
Watching death closer and closer
Moon can you hear me prince?
Shall you bless my spirit with most silver sphere tonight?
Let me sleep in your shaodw I craving caress
Oh murderer of eternal boring daylights
Raper of the solar ens
And this whole illusion sense
Hearken voices from sepulhral depth
With honour I bear these subconscious torments
The second lunation would give me relief
Gloria lunar sphere!
Gloria ad noctum!

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