The Monster

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The sky is growing dark
You should pack your bags and leave your children behind
I hear Egypt is nice this time of year
The shadows from outside are creeping in here
In dreams it seems you're lacking of
The dreams you need to wake up just to run out of luck

Careful, the monster is round that corner
And he's waiting for blood tonight
He knows that you might fight back

Your eyes are growing dark
The windows to your soul are showing off
It's hard for me to say "that's how I like it", baby
The screaming from the cellar never helps

You're dreams they seem to leave you so alone
In dreams it seems you can't fight but some weapons would be nice

Careful, the monster is down that hallway
Drooling over your tasty arm
He knows that you can't harm him ever

But he doesn't know, you've got an exorcism show
But now he knows
Rot in hell, rot in hell

Autor(es): Adam Ladd / Matt Bentley / Michael Shepard

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